HLTSS00068 - Occupational First Aid Skill Set


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HLTSS00068 – Occupational First Aid Skill Set: Comprehensive Training for Workplace Safety

In the current dynamic and rapidly changing work environment, the top priority is to guarantee the safety and welfare of employees. A crucial element of workplace safety involves being able to administer efficient first aid during emergencies. The HLTSS00068 – Occupational First Aid Skill Set has been specifically developed to equip individuals with the essential skills and knowledge required to effectively handle first aid scenarios in the workplace.

This extensive training course covers fundamental first aid procedures as well as explores advanced methods and guidelines, making it a crucial certification for individuals overseeing health and safety within their respective organizations.

HLTSS00068 Occupational First Aid Skill Set - colleague administering first aid

HLTSS00068 – Occupational First Aid Skill Set


The following unit(s) will be awarded to successful participants in this course. The certificate will be issued by Allens Training Pty Ltd – RTO 90909.

  • HLTSS00068 – Occupational First Aid Skill Set
  • HLTAID014 – Provide Advanced First Aid
  • HLTAID016 – Manage first aid services and resources
  • HLTAID011 – Provide First Aid
  • HLTAID015 – Provide advanced resuscitation and oxygen therapy
  • HLTAID010 – Provide basic emergency life support
  • HLTAID009 – Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation

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Overview of HLTSS00068 – Occupational First Aid Skill Set

The HLTSS00068 – Occupational First Aid Skill Set is an officially recognized certification in Australia that aims to equip participants with a comprehensive comprehension of first aid principles and practices specifically designed for occupational environments.

This skill set is ideal for safety officers, supervisors, and other designated first aid officers within an organization. The program covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Basic life support (BLS)
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • Use of an automated external defibrillator (AED)
  • Management of medical emergencies
  • Advanced resuscitation techniques
  • Workplace-specific first aid requirements

Course Structure and Delivery

The course usually integrates theoretical knowledge and practical skills by utilizing a combination of online learning, classroom sessions, and hands-on practice. This unique approach allows participants to learn at their own pace while also acquiring the essential hands-on experience required for effective first aid provision.

Every module emphasizes different facets of first aid, guaranteeing a comprehensive comprehension and proficiency in handling diverse medical emergencies that may occur in a professional setting.

Benefits of the HLTSS00068 – Occupational First Aid Skill Set

1. Enhanced Workplace Safety

The HLTSS00068 – Occupational First Aid Skill Set offers a significant advantage by promoting a safer work environment. Individuals who undergo this training are equipped with the ability to promptly and efficiently handle medical emergencies, thereby minimizing the extent of injuries and fostering a culture of safety within the organization.

2. Compliance with Regulations

Various sectors must adhere to strict health and safety guidelines which mandate the need for qualified first aid personnel. Obtaining the HLTSS00068 – Occupational First Aid Skill Set accreditation guarantees conformity with these rules, thus preventing possible penalties and legal complications.

3. Increased Confidence and Preparedness

The enhanced self-assurance and readiness of participants are among the primary results of this training. Through undergoing thorough training, individuals become more proficient in managing emergencies with composure and effectiveness, thereby greatly impacting the final outcome of such situations.

4. Professional Development

The HLTSS00068 – Occupational First Aid Skill Set certification is a valuable addition to the professional portfolio of individuals seeking career advancement. By obtaining this certification, they showcase their dedication to safety and the welfare of their colleagues, thereby enhancing their appeal as potential leaders within their respective organizations.

Detailed Course Content

1. HLTAID009 – Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation

This module is centered on the fundamental abilities required to administer CPR to individuals experiencing cardiac arrest. Attendees are taught the DRSABCD action plan (Danger, Response, Send for help, Airway, Breathing, CPR, Defibrillation) and are given the opportunity to practice chest compressions and rescue breathing techniques.

Additionally, the training includes instruction on the use of an AED, enabling participants to administer life-saving shocks when needed.

2. HLTAID010 – Provide basic emergency life support

This module expands upon the basic principles of CPR by covering a wider variety of emergency situations. It covers topics such as shock management, bleeding control, and the treatment of injuries like fractures and burns. Additionally, participants will be taught how to handle unconscious casualties and individuals experiencing breathing problems.

3. HLTAID011 – Provide First Aid

This extensive module encompasses a broad range of first aid scenarios, ranging from minor injuries to more severe conditions. It provides in-depth guidance on wound management, bite and sting treatment, as well as addressing medical issues like asthma, anaphylaxis, and diabetes. Emphasizing the significance of evaluating the situation, administering suitable care, and monitoring the individual until professional assistance is obtained.

4. HLTAID016 – Manage first aid services and resources

Participants in this module will acquire the necessary skills to efficiently oversee first aid services in their organization. This involves the upkeep of first aid kits and equipment, performing routine safety inspections, and guaranteeing that first aid protocols are current and in accordance with existing regulations.

Additionally, participants will be trained on creating and executing first aid policies and procedures, delivering training sessions to coworkers, and collaborating with emergency services.

5. HLTAID015 – Provide advanced resuscitation and oxygen therapy

Participants will be equipped with the necessary skills to administer resuscitation and oxygen therapy in critical situations through this advanced module. The training includes instruction on advanced airway management techniques, oxygen administration, and vital signs monitoring. Practical exercises involving equipment like bag-valve-mask (BVM) devices, suction units, and oxygen tanks will prepare participants to effectively respond to more serious medical emergencies.

Real-World Applications

The skills gained through the HLTSS00068 – Occupational First Aid Skill Set have a wide range of applications in various industries, including:

1. Construction: In high-risk settings where accidents and injuries frequently occur, first aid officers who are properly trained can offer prompt assistance and stabilize injured employees until professional medical assistance is available.

2. Manufacturing: Factories and plants that have machinery present considerable dangers. First aid personnel are capable of handling incidents related to injuries caused by machinery, exposure to chemicals, and various other workplace hazards.

3. Office Environments: Office environments, while generally safer, can still give rise to medical emergencies like heart attacks, accidents, and various injuries. The presence of well-trained first aid officers guarantees a swift and efficient response to provide immediate care.

4. Healthcare Facilities: Even in settings where there are medical professionals available, assigned first aid officers play a vital role in the initial response and management of resources during emergency situations.

5. Educational Institutions: Educational institutions receive advantages from employing well-prepared personnel capable of managing various emergencies that may arise among students and staff, ranging from minor incidents to critical health situations.

Certification and Assessment

Upon successful completion of the HLTSS00068 – Occupational First Aid Skill Set, individuals are awarded a certificate that is nationally recognized. The evaluation process encompasses theoretical assessments as well as practical showcases to confirm that participants have acquired the essential skills and knowledge.

Recertification and Continuing Education

It is crucial to regularly update first aid skills in order to maintain their effectiveness. The HLTSS00068 – Occupational First Aid Skill Set certification usually necessitates renewal every three years. Moreover, participants are advised to partake in refresher courses and stay up-to-date with the most recent first aid techniques and regulations.

Enrolling in the Course


Although there are no specific requirements for enrolling in the HLTSS00068 – Occupational First Aid Skill Set, it can be advantageous to possess a fundamental comprehension of first aid principles. Additionally, participants should possess a satisfactory level of physical fitness to effectively carry out CPR and other physical activities during the training.


The HLTSS00068 – Occupational First Aid Skill Set is a highly valuable training program designed for individuals who hold responsibility for workplace safety. This comprehensive course equips participants with essential first aid skills and knowledge, thereby fostering a culture of safety within the organization. By ensuring compliance with regulations and preparing individuals to effectively respond to medical emergencies, this program plays a vital role in enhancing overall workplace safety.

Whether you are a safety officer, supervisor, or simply someone seeking to enhance your first aid capabilities, enrolling in this certification is an essential and significant stride towards becoming a certified occupational first aid officer. Take the initiative today and enroll in this program to create a safer and more prepared workplace environment.

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HLTSS00068 Occupational First Aid Skill Set - colleague administering advanced first aid
HLTSS00068 Occupational First Aid Skill Set - hard hat work accident


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  • OPTION 1:  Face to Face – 3 days (minimum) full face to face course
  • OPTION 2Online Training with Face to Face Assessment – 8 hours (minimum)

This course will be delivered/assessed in the workplace or at an A Training facility.

  • Participants must have the physical capacity to perform the practical demonstrations, such as 2 minutes of uninterrupted CPR on the floor and performing rescue breathing techniques on manikins.Online study:  Students must have access to a computer, smartphone, tablet or other electronic devices with access to the internet to complete the online/ pre-course studies.

Individuals undertaking this course will be expected to complete both written and practical assessment tasks. These are detailed in the sections following.

This certificate does not require renewal.

No work placement will be required as part of this course.

Please refer to the Student Handbook for all details relating to your rights and responsibilities.


Delivery of course information and learning activities.

Performance tasks and practical scenarios:

  • Perform CPR on an adult (incl. single and two-rescuer CPR, using a bag-valve-mask, select and insert an appropriate airway adjunct, manage oxygen equipment and use an AED to deliver at least one shock)
  • Place a casualty into the recovery position
  • Complete a first aid incident report form based on a simulated first aid scenario
  • Perform CPR on an infant
  • Manage a casualty with anaphylaxis
  • Manage a casualty with asthma
  • Manage a choking casualty
  • Manage a casualty with non-life-threatening bleeding and shock, requiring minor wound cleaning
  • Manage a casualty with a nosebleed
  • Manage a casualty with a fracture and dislocation
  • Manage a casualty with a sprain and strain
  • Manage a casualty with envenomation (snake/ funnel-web spider bite)
  • Coordinate a multiple casualty incident
  • Manage a casualty with a life-threatening bleed and provide oxygen
  • Complete a first aid incident report form based on the life-threatening bleed scenario
  • Maintain resuscitation equipment
  • Conduct a workplace risk assessment
  • Develop a first aid response plan including strategies for management of incidents
  • Use a first-aid checklist to service a workplace first aid kit for supplies’ replacement and equipment maintenance

Theory assessment: A written assessment consisting of multiple-choice and short answer questions.

HLTSS00068 Occupational First Aid Skill Set - colleague checking drsabcd


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