HLTWHS006 - Manage personal stressors in the work environment

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HLTWHS006 – Manage personal stressors in the work environment

Course Overview:

HLTWHS006 – Manage personal stressors in the work environment is an essential online course that is designed for individuals who work in high-stress environments such as emergency services, healthcare, and other demanding sectors, particularly where shiftwork is a feature of the role. Stress is a common phenomenon in today’s fast-paced work environments, and learning how to manage it is essential for maintaining well-being and productivity.

HLTWHS006 – Manage personal stressors in the work environment online course also covers the legal and ethical responsibilities of employers and employees in relation to workplace health and safety (WHS), and the communication and documentation requirements for reporting incidents and hazards related to workplace stress to promote a safe, healthy and supportive work environment and reduce the risk of stress-related illness and injury.

Key Learning Objectives:

1. Understanding Stress in the Workplace: It covers stress, its causes, and how it affects individuals at work. Participants will learn to identify signs of stress in themselves and others and understand the consequences of not managing stress.

2. Identifying Personal Stressors: Participants will examine stressors in their work environment like workload, deadlines, conflicts, and organizational changes. They will use self-assessment exercises to identify their specific stressors and triggers.

3. Developing Coping Strategies: Participants will be taught coping strategies to manage personal stressors effectively. Strategies may include time management, relaxation exercises, communication skills, and setting boundaries. Participants will also learn the importance of seeking support when needed from colleagues, supervisors, or professional resources.

4. Implementing Stress Management Plans: Participants will create individualized stress management strategies by identifying their stressors and coping mechanisms. They will establish attainable objectives and take necessary actions to effectively implement their plans. Additionally, they will regularly evaluate their progress and make any necessary modifications.

Course Features:

1. Self-paced Learning: The flexible format of the course means that you can log in as many times as required to complete the course – you do not need to complete the course all in one sitting. For our online courses, we recommend that you use Google Chrome as your browser, as other browsers, such as Internet Explorer, may not display the multimedia content of the course.
2. Interactive Modules: Interactive and engaging with multimedia content, quizzes, and activities to enhance learning and retention.
3. Practical Application: Includes practical exercises and case studies that allow participants to apply their knowledge and skills in real-life scenarios.


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HLTWHS006 Manage personal stressors in the work environment - stressed healthworker
HLTWHS006 Manage personal stressors in the work environment - demanding work


HLTWHS006 – Manage personal stressors in the work environment


The following unit(s) will be awarded to successful participants in this course. The certificate will be issued by Allens Training Pty Ltd RTO 90909.

  • HLTWHS006 – Manage personal stressors in the work environment

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  • Self-Paced – It is expected students may complete the course within 7-8 hours (depending on experience levels) This can be completed over a number of sessions. Your course progress will be saved.
  • Students are expected to complete all learning and assessment activities within six (6) months of enrolment. Failure to complete all requirements may result in your enrolment being disabled/cancelled.

This course is delivered 100% online.

Students must have access to a computer, smartphone, tablet, or other electronic device with access to the internet to complete the online studies and practical assessment.

The following additional requirements will apply:

  • Students are required to upload two (2) videos of themselves participating in simulated scenarios to complete the practical assessment component
  • Equipment requirement: Not applicable
  • LLN requirements – Proficient verbal and written English language skills to complete and evaluate a Personal Stress Management Plan and manage two (2) stressful workplace situations.

Individuals undertaking this course will be expected to complete both written and practical assessment tasks. These are detailed in the Assessment Activities section.

No industry recommended renewal is identified on the certificate, employers are recommended to consult with stakeholders to identify appropriate training periods.

No work placement will be required as part of this course.

Please note that enrolment to this course is made with Allens Training Pty Ltd RTO 90909. Please refer to the Student Handbook for all details relating to your rights and responsibilities including complaints and appeals. 


All learning activities are contained in the online course and may be presented in a variety of formats. This may include, but is not limited to: video presentations, slide presentations, online learner manuals, fact sheets, and other downloadable documents.

Performance tasks & scenarios

  • Manage two (2) workplace stress situations:
    • Colleague work performance
    • Upset family member
  • Complete the tasks in line with Federal/State/Territory regulations, codes of practice and work health and safety (WHS/OHS) guidelines and workplace or site procedures.


  • Personalised Stress Management Plan
  • Stess Management Evaluation form

Theory assessment: Assessment consists of multiple choice and short answer questions. The student must complete all assessment questions.

HLTWHS006 Manage personal stressors in the work environment - stress management

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