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MSMWHS216 – Operate Breathing Apparatus: Comprehensive Training for Safety and Efficiency

The MSMWHS216 – Operate Breathing Apparatus course is specifically designed to provide individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to safely and efficiently utilize breathing apparatus in various hazardous scenarios. This training is of utmost importance in environments where air quality may be compromised, as it plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of workers.

Industries such as firefighting, mining, chemical processing, and confined space work heavily rely on this comprehensive training to protect their workers and maintain workplace safety standards.

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MSMWHS216 – Operate Breathing Apparatus


The following unit(s) will be awarded to successful participants in this course. The certificate will be issued by Allens Training Pty Ltd – RTO 90909.

  • MSMWHS216 – Operate breathing apparatus

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Course Overview

The course MSMWHS216 – Operate Breathing Apparatus offers comprehensive guidance on utilizing and upkeeping breathing apparatus equipment. It covers theoretical and practical aspects, equipping participants with the necessary skills to effectively manage situations requiring the use of breathing apparatus.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

1. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles and constituents of breathing apparatus.

2. Carry out thorough pre-operational inspections and maintenance tasks for breathing apparatus.

3. Skillfully and securely put on and operate breathing apparatus.

4. Execute emergency procedures proficiently while utilizing breathing apparatus.

5. Exhibit exceptional communication skills and teamwork during breathing apparatus operations.

6. Apply your knowledge of workplace procedures and safety protocols diligently when using breathing apparatus.

Who Should Attend?

This course caters to a diverse group of individuals, including:

1. Firefighters and first responders.

2. Employees working in enclosed areas.

3. Staff in chemical processing and handling hazardous materials.

4. Workers in the mining sector.

5. Professionals in various industries who may need to utilize respiratory equipment while on duty.

Course Content

Introduction to Breathing Apparatus

Participants will be provided with a comprehensive understanding of various breathing apparatus, such as self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and supplied-air respirators (SAR). The presentation will delve into the key components and functionalities of these devices, along with the specific scenarios where each type is best suited.

Respiratory Hazards and Protection

It is essential to comprehend the diverse respiratory dangers found in various work settings in order to properly utilize respiratory protection equipment. This module will explore:

1. Various forms of airborne pollutants, such as gases, vapors, and particulate matter.

2. The physiological impacts caused by respiratory dangers.

3. The significance of employing respiratory protective equipment to alleviate these risks.

Pre-Operational Checks and Maintenance

It is crucial to perform regular maintenance and pre-operational checks to guarantee the proper functioning of breathing apparatus in times of need. Participants will learn how to:

1. Examine the breathing equipment for any signs of damage or faults.

2. Verify the condition of the air cylinders and pressure gauges.

3. Confirm that all parts are both clean and functioning properly.

4. Perform leak assessments and any required maintenance tasks.

Donning and Operating Breathing Apparatus

This hands-on module offers practical experience in properly wearing and using breathing apparatus. Key skills covered include:

1. Ensuring the mask and harness are correctly fitted and fastened.

2. Initiating the air supply system.

3. Supervising the usage of air and checking the available supply.

4. Operating and performing tasks effectively with the equipment on.

Emergency Procedures

In case of an emergency, prompt and efficient action is crucial. This module will cover:

1. Identifying and addressing equipment malfunctions.

2. Executing emergency evacuations.

3. Aiding distressed colleagues.

4. Ensuring efficient communication in emergency situations.

Communication and Teamwork

Effective communication and collaboration are vital for ensuring the safety of operations while utilizing breathing apparatus. Participants will learn techniques for:

1. Sustaining effective communication with colleagues.

2. Employing gestures and other non-verbal means of communication.

3. Orchestrating movements and actions in restricted or perilous settings.

Safety Protocols and Workplace Procedures

Participants will receive guidance on utilizing their understanding of workplace safety procedures while operating respiratory equipment. Topics covered will include:

1. Applicable laws and regulations (such as AS/NZS 1715:2009 and AS/NZS 1716:2012).

2. Company protocols for the use of respiratory equipment.

3. Documentation and reporting obligations.


After successfully finishing the course and evaluations, participants will be awarded a nationally acknowledged certificate of achievement for MSMWHS216 – Operate Breathing Apparatus. This certification remains valid for a designated duration, and thereafter, individuals may need to undergo refresher training to maintain their competence.

Importance of Breathing Apparatus Training

The MSMWHS216 – Operate Breathing Apparatus course is essential not only due to legal obligations in various sectors, but also plays a crucial role in safeguarding the health and safety of employees. Proper training ensures that individuals can:

1. Utilize breathing apparatus with confidence in dangerous settings.

2. Reduce the chances of respiratory harm or diseases.

3. React efficiently to urgent situations, potentially preserving lives.

Training Delivery Options

The MSMWHS216 – Operate Breathing Apparatus course can be conducted in different formats to cater to the diverse requirements of participants and organizations.

1. In-Person Training

Face-to-face training sessions offer practical experience and direct engagement with seasoned instructors. These sessions are perfect for individuals who thrive on hands-on learning and instant feedback.

2. Online Training

Online training options are accessible for individuals seeking flexibility. These courses integrate digital learning resources with virtual instructor-led sessions, providing participants with thorough instruction without the necessity of traveling.

3. On-Site Training

Organizations have the choice to select on-site training, wherein instructors visit the workplace to conduct the course. This alternative proves advantageous, especially for sizable groups or when the training necessitates customization to suit specific workplace settings.


The MSMWHS216 – Operate Breathing Apparatus course is a crucial training program designed for individuals who may need to utilize breathing apparatus at their place of work. This course delivers thorough guidance on the proper and efficient use of this vital equipment, aiming to safeguard workers from respiratory dangers and equip them to handle emergencies with assurance.

Through in-person, online, or on-site training options, this course provides the necessary flexibility and knowledge to cater to different industry requirements. Register now and embark on the journey to improve workplace safety and adherence to regulations.

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Refund and fee protection policy, including cooling-off period – please refer to the Student Handbook

Payment Terms – Payment for individual participants is upfront, group booking payment terms are based on agreement between the client and service provider.

  • Refresher 4 hours (minimum) full face to face course
  • Face to Face – 8 hours (minimum) full face to face course

This course will be delivered/assessed in the workplace or at an A Training facility.

As a minimum, entrants to this course must have:

Participants must be clean shaven to attend the course. The unit of competency states that participants “Don the apparatus in accordance with workplace procedures and the manufacturer’s specifications.” The manufacturer’s specifications state: “The sealing line between head and facepiece must be free of hair and foreign substances which could cause leakages”.

The literacy and numeracy competencies to be able to read testing equipment and determine the available working time from a breathing apparatus set

The physical capability to wear and work in a breathing apparatus and associated equipment in a range of conditions.

Individuals undertaking this course will be expected to complete both written and practical assessment tasks. These are detailed in the sections following.

This certificate does not require renewal.

No work placement will be required as part of this course.

Please refer to the Student Handbook for all details relating to your rights and responsibilities.


Delivery of course information and learning activities.

Assessments conducted during face-to-face training session(s) include:

Performance tasks:

  • Demonstrate pre-donning checks, tests procedures and fault reporting
  • Demonstrate concluding operation techniques
  • Label components of breathing apparatus

Practical scenarios:

  • Confined space work
  • Rescue operation

Documentation – Completion of an Equipment Fault log.

Theory assessment – A written assessment consisting of short answer and multiple-choice questions. The student must complete all assessment questions.

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