Sports Trainer Refresher Course (Non-Accredited)

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Sports Trainer Refresher Course (Non-Accredited)

Our Sports Trainer Refresher Course (Non-Accredited) online is designed for individuals working in sports trainer roles in the Australian sport industry who need to refresh their knowledge and skills on the strategies to prevent sport-specific injuries and manage injuries, illnesses and medical conditions. This includes applying taping for ongoing injury prevention and post-injury support.

At A Training, we definitely understand the significance of keeping abreast of the most recent advancements in sports training and injury management. This is why we are pleased to introduce our Sports Trainer Refresher Course (Non-Accredited), specifically crafted to allow sports trainers to update their expertise in injury prevention, first aid, and medical care.

Course Overview: 

Our Sports Trainer Refresher Course (Non-Accredited) covers a diverse array of subjects to guarantee that you possess the most up-to-date knowledge and techniques for proficiently handling injuries and medical conditions in a sports environment. Whether you are an experienced sports trainer aiming to update your skills or a novice in the field aspiring to expand your understanding, our course caters to all individuals.

1. Injury Prevention Strategies:

Acquire knowledge on the most recent methods and optimal strategies for preventing injuries, which encompass warm-up and stretching protocols, guidance on correct techniques, and selecting appropriate equipment.

2. First Aid and Medical Care:

Enhance your knowledge of first aid techniques and acquire the ability to effectively address typical sports-related injuries like sprains, strains, fractures, and concussions. Delve into the most recent developments in medical treatment and obtain valuable knowledge on handling medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes, and allergies within a sports setting.

3. Emergency Response Protocols:

Review the protocols for emergency response and acquire knowledge on promptly and efficiently addressing medical emergencies such as cardiac arrest, heatstroke, and severe allergic reactions. Acquire practical expertise in CPR, AED utilization, and fundamental life support techniques.

4. Legal and Ethical Considerations:

Discover the legal and ethical obligations that sports trainers have, which encompass their duty of care, consent protocols, and confidentiality prerequisites. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your responsibilities and role within the sports industry, and acquire the skills to handle difficult circumstances with utmost professionalism and integrity.

5. Practical Scenarios and Case Studies:

Participate in interactive practical activities and analyze case studies that replicate common situations faced by sports trainers. Utilize your expertise in a nurturing educational setting and benefit from guidance provided by seasoned educators.

Course Features:

1. Self-Paced Online Learning: 

Our Sports Trainer Refresher Course (Non-Accredited) online provides learners with the flexibility to study at their preferred speed and convenience, regardless of their location, as long as they have an internet connection. The flexible format of the course means that you can log in as many times as required to complete the course – you do not need to complete the course all in one sitting.

For our online courses, we recommend that you use Google Chrome as your browser, as other browsers, such as Internet Explorer, may not display the multimedia content of the course. If you are not currently using Google Chrome, please switch browsers before continuing.

2. Interactive Modules:

Sports Trainer Refresher Course (Non-Accredited) online offers interactivity and captivation, including multimedia elements, quizzes, and exercises to enhance the learning process.

3. Certificate of Completion:

Upon successfully completing Sports Trainer Refresher Course (Non-Accredited) online, you will receive a certificate of completion from A Training, recognizing your achievement and commitment to professional development in sports training and injury management.

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Sports Trainer Refresher Course - Ankle Bandage
Sports Trainer Refresher Course - Post Injury


The course is delivered 100% online.

Students must have access to a computer, smartphone, tablet, or other electronic device with access to the internet to complete the online studies.

  • Self-Paced – It is expected students may complete the course within 1-2 hours (depending on experience levels) This can be completed over a number of sessions. Your course progress will be saved.
  • Students are expected to complete all learning and assessment activities within six (6) months of enrolment. Failure to complete all requirements may result in your enrolment being disabled/cancelled.
Sports Trainer Refresher Course - Field Injury

Sports Trainer Refresher Course (Non-Accredited) – Related Courses:

Sports Trainer Refresher Course (Non-Accredited) online course can be packaged with other courses of your choice. Should you decide to complete an accredited First Aid course after completing this online course, the learning and theory you already completed, will be recognised in the accredited unit, as long as the course is completed within a 6-month timeframe of completing this course.

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