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Our Standard 11 Brisbane course meets the legislative requirements of the Coal Mining Safety and Health Act 1999, Section 72(1), which provides that the Minister may make recognised standards.  These recognised standards provide ways of achieving an acceptable standard of risk for people working in coal mines in Queensland.  Operators can manage the risk in a different way, but must be able to show that the method used is at least equivalent to the method in recognised Standard 11.  The purpose of Recognised Standard 11 is to assist sites to establish and maintain a training system which includes processes for identifying and delivering competent, safe and efficient work teams.

All coal mine workers in Queensland must hold a Standard 11 qualification, which is proof they have completed training to the required standard under Queensland government legislation – Recognised Standard 11.

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Standard 11 Course Brisbane And Statewide (Surface)

RIISS00034 – Surface Coal Mine Safety Skill Set

RIICOM201D – Communicate in the workplace
RIIGOV201D – Comply with site work processes/procedures
RIIWHS201D – Work safely and follow WHS policies and procedures
RIIRIS201D – Conduct local risk control
RIIERR205D – Apply initial response First Aid
RIIERR302E – Respond to local emergencies and incidents


•   $645 (GST free) per person

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2 days


Why you need the Standard 11 Course

The Standard 11 is a generic mining induction course (GI) and has been developed by the Department of Natural Resources and Mines, mining employers and follows the Queensland Mines Inspectorate directive.  It has been passed as a legislative requirement for working on coal mine sites in Queensland and therefore providing you with the skills and knowledge mining companies want and need you to have.  Our Standard 11 courses are regularly held in Brisbane and will help introduce you to the systems and processes of a real operating mine, preparing you for life in a mining environment as well as giving you the skills and knowledge suitable to work on a civil construction site.

Because our Standard 11 courses in Brisbane also covers metalliferous, it means you can work on more mine sites and quarries, not just coal mines.

Who is the Standard 11 course recommended for?

If you have never worked in the mining industry before, and you would like the opportunity to earn Queensland mining wages; then the Standard 11 course is just for you.  A Training ensures the Standard 11 Brisbane courses are always conducted by our highly experienced and passionate coal mining specialists, providing you with a higher level of mining knowledge, skills and most importantly confidence.

Anyone wishing to work on a Queensland coal mine site is required by the Queensland Coal Mining law to hold a Standard 11, which may include; but not limited to:

•    Process workers
•    Electricians
•    Plumbers
•    Fitters
•    Engineers
•    Architects
•    Cleaning staff
•    Kitchen hands
•    Chefs
•    Office and admin staff
•    Drivers
•    Labourers
•    Managers
•    Supervisors
•    Leading hands
•    Carpenters
•    Boilermakers
•    Machinery operators
•    Surveyors
•    Drillers
•    Doggers
•    Riggers
•    Paramedics
•    Fire and rescue personnel
•    Health and Safety advisors
•    Technicians
•    Maintenance planners
•    Trade assistants
•    Trainer/assessors


During the Standard 11 course you will learn

•    Basic skills and knowledge for working on a Coal Mine site
•    Basic skills and knowledge for suitable for civil construction
•    General safety standards
•    Skills immediately applicable to the work environment
•    Effective communication in the workplace
•    Identifying and controlling hazards/risks
•    How to respond to emergencies and incidents
•    How to comply with the relevant legislation
•    How to carry out initial response First Aid
•    Work processes and procedures
•    Basic Risk Management process
•    Fire fighting and fire prevention


•    Tea and coffee facilities
•    Course material
•    Equipment required to complete the training
•    Training conducted by experienced coal mining specialists
•    Extensive knowledge of relevant legislation
•    Theory and practical training
•    Risk management advice for the type of work to be conducted

Standard 11 Course requirements

It is recommended that participants should have sound LLN skills (language, literacy and numeracy) for the Standard 11 Brisbane course.  The participant should therefore contact A Training prior to enrolment for a free assessment if they’re unsure whether they meet this requirement. 

Students will be expected to complete an assessment for language, literacy and numeracy on the day of training, this will help the Trainer Assessor to identify what additional assistance you may require throughout the course.  Additional support services (such as LLN support) may be required at the cost of the individual based on the individuals needs.  A Training additional support services can be found on our Resources page.

•    Please read the A Training Student Handbook for student rights and obligations prior to course registration.
•    By enrolling in a course you are deemed to have accepted the policies and procedures of A Training
•    Please be at the course 15 minutes prior to commencement of course.
•    Admission after the course has commenced will be left to Management’s discretion.  A 100% fee will be charged for non-attendance if less than 48 hours or no notice is given in writing.


There are no prerequisites or any of the units of competencies within the Standard 11 Brisbane courses; however applicants should be over 18 years of age.  As elements of the Standard 11 course are practical, participants should have the physical ability to undertake practical tasks such as: perform CPR on the floor for at least 2 minutes and lifting/carrying a 10kg fire extinguisher.

Individuals and contractors wishing to do the Standard 11 course in Brisbane should confirm induction requirements with the Queensland Coal Mine Site they will be working on prior to attending an induction to ensure the process aligns with site processes and is recognised by site.  For example; if you intend to work on a BMA Coal Mine Site in Queensland, please discuss with BMA their Standard 11 requirements before booking with us.

Participants must provide

For our Standard 11 Brisbane courses, participants must provide the following:

•    Own lunch
•    Own transport
•    Please bring photo identification as needed for your course
•    Suitable clothing for fire fighting on day 2 (cotton drill clothing) and enclosed in footwear

Assessments and Awards


•    Written assessment
•    Practical assessment

Students deemed competent from the Standard 11 Brisbane course will receive a “Statement of Completion” certificate along with a Standard 11 photo ID card and a “Site Verification Log Book”.

After course completion, competent students must

  1. Take their “Site Verification Log Book” to site and be signed off by their mine site supervisor.
  2. Return 3 completed tags and 3 completed personal risk assessments along with the “Site Verification Log Book” to A Training

Please note, students who do not complete and return the “Site Verification Log Book”, as well as 3 tags and 3 risk assessments from site within six months of completing the Standard 11 Brisbane course, may have to repeat the full Standard 11; check with your mine site, as some mine sites are 3 months. 

After the “Site Verification Log Book” has been returned to A Training and processed; the participant will be provided with a Standard 11 “Statement of Attainment” and a replacement Standard 11 photo ID card.

Refresher training for Standard 11 courses

It is recommended participants with a Standard 11 “Statement of Attainment” complete the Standard 11 Refresher course (1 day course) every 5 years.


The Standard 11 Brisbane course is nationally recognised.  Students, who are deemed ‘Competent’ from the Standard 11 Induction course and have returned a compliant “Site Verification Log Book”, will be awarded a nationally recognised statement of attainment for:

RIISS00034 – Surface Coal Mine Safety Skill Set

•    RIICOM201D – Communicate in the workplace
•    RIIGOV201D – Comply with site work processes/procedures
•    RIIWHS201D – Work safely and follow WHS policies and procedures
•    RIIRIS201D – Conduct local risk control
•    RIIERR205D – Apply initial response First Aid
•    RIIERR302E – Respond to local emergencies and incidents

To view full unit details please visit

The statement of attainment will be issued by partnering RTO:

•    Col Joy Training Services Pty Ltd (RTO # 6491)

Please click this link to view the Col Joy Training Services Pty Ltd Student Handbook for this course.

A Training can also be found on the website.

Relevant courses

The Standard 11 Brisbane course can be packaged with other courses of your choice.  Please contact A Training for a free quote on course packages and receive significant savings.

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